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“Who is the woman behind Savor & Flavor?”

It is my great pleasure to know the answer to this question, and I’ll give you a few clues,
just between you and me!

Jazz in the background, maybe Sarah or Shirley… now picture generosity, sharing,
arms open wide…

For Myriam, spending time with others is the heart of joy itself.
To share her tastes, her experiences, her roots, and her memories is one of life’s true
pleasures. Just like wonderful smells in the kitchen, she envelops you herself, maternal,
patient, and always smiling. Gentle and lively, surprising, compelling, and always polished
to perfection. Chic meets unique! With her, the most intriguing secrets become clear.

Attentive to others, refined, open to the world, passionate about her life, she enriches
ours. Throughout this culinary adventure, you will feel Myriam’s gentle personality
ever-present and always generously sprinkled with love.
Thank you, Myriam.


“With Myriam, cooking becomes a flavor-filled celebration of the senses. It’s not just the
taste buds that are celebrating: it all has to do with the subtle and refined preparation
of ingredients, their mouth-watering aromas, the harmony of colors, their intense flavor…
Cooking becomes an art form, like a painting come alive: festive, joyful, and jubilant.

With Myriam, cooking is sharing. Sharing her Middle-Eastern roots, which she loves to
have us discover or rediscover through flavors filled with the lavish, warm, and soothing
Mediterranean sun.

Spices, aromatic herbs, lemons, oranges, tomatoes… so many essential ingredients that carry
the scent of her eternal Lebanon, revisited to suit her fancy, with such talent and creativity!

With Myriam, cooking becomes more than a gift to share; it becomes a gesture of love.
Her generosity blends with her art of living, where loving friendship, genuine affection, and
comforting tenderness are truly the most precious ingredients of all.


“Advice from a fan :

Don’t wait to join this high-spirited community. Make yourself at home in Myriam’s
kitchen and discover the unexpected alliances she creates among flavors, the clever tricks
she uses, and her easy-to-replicate techniques. Born of her own Middle-Eastern origins,
inspired by the great chefs of this world, reinvented and updated, remixed for every day cooking as well as special occasions, her recipes will surprise you and win you over!
No need to be an expert to use the secrets Myriam shares.
Savor & Flavor makes you want to roll up your sleeves and get cooking!
Go for it!