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caramel: basic method

Place some extra-fine granulated white sugar and
A tablespoon of water
In a heavy-bottomed, stainless steel pan – or preferably,
A copper pan for better heat distribution.
Mix with your fingers.
Then, run your wet fingers over the sides of the pan.
Place the pan over low heat.
Do not mix.
Wait for the caramel to turn golden:
The darker the color, the more bitter the taste.

For a liquid caramel,
Play with a variety of flavors:
• For an orange caramel, squeeze an orange into the caramel.
The caramel will become hard: stir and return to the heat for a liquid consistency.
• For a coffee caramel, pour a small cup of espresso into the caramel.
• For plain caramel, stir in some dairy cream.

All these different types of caramel are delicious over
Ice cream or
Fresh fruit.

To make nougatine:

Pour the basic caramel over parchment paper, brushed with oil
(a neutrally flavored oil, such as grape seed oil.)
Sprinkle with slivered almonds or sesame seeds.
Let the caramel set, and
There you have it:
Break the nougatine into pieces, which you will use to decorate:
A chocolate mousse or
Ice cream.

- Never, ever use a non-stick pan, or brown sugar,
as this would prevent you from seeing the caramel turn golden.

- Is your caramel crystallizing (making small balls?) Don’t panic!
Continue adding cream or orange juice… and strain through a fine sieve.
No one will know!

After burning many a pan,
i now love making caramel, and
my family loves to eat
this very special treat!

10 min delicate

Clean your pan with white alcohol vinegar.

-> 50 gr / 2 oz extra-fine granulated white sugar
-> 1 tablespoon of water