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salted butter caramel

Use a small stainless steel pan,
In case you don’t have a copper pan.

Pour the sugar into the pan over low heat.
Melt the sugar together with a pinch of coarse Guérande sea salt, and
A tablespoon of water.
Do not mix,
Lest you end up with crystals!

When the caramel turns a golden amber color,
Remove from heat, and
Add the butter cut into small dice.
Mix with a wooden spoon.
Return to heat.
Once the caramel is warm again,
Remove from heat, and
Pour the crème fraîche épaisse or mascarpone, and
Mix again.

You will now have a very smooth caramel.

Wait for the caramel to cool to fill the jar.
The caramel will keep up to two weeks in a cool place…
Provided it has not been eaten by then!

- Run your slightly wet fingers or a brush over the sides of the pan,
to prevent sugar crystallization.

- Warm the cream in the microwave oven for 30 seconds
to prevent hot projections as you add it to the caramel.

Delicious over sweet buns
and scones on
Sunday morning!

10 min delicate

Simply perfect to line a
shortcrust pastry shell
for a caramel tart!

For a 370 gr /13 oz Bonne-Maman-style jar:
> 200 gr / 7 oz. extra granulated white sugar
> 100 gr / 3.5 oz butter
> 2 tablespoons crème fraîche épaisse, or
> mascarpone