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ganache: the base of all bases for all things chocolate!

Ganache is a mixture of chocolate, cream and butter.
Personally, I never use butter.
Along the same line, never do I use sugar in
chocolate preparations,
It’s already there!

The principle is extremely simple…
After trying several methods,
For me, the best solution lies in
Using equal amounts of chocolate and 35% heavy cream.

Melt the chocolate in a bain-marie.
Once it is melted,
Remove the cul-de-poule, or bowl from the bain marie.
Slowly pour the heavy cream into the chocolate.
Using a wooden spoon or a spatula,
Mix the two ingredients rapidly, always starting from the center of the bowl.

The ganache is done when it has
A smooth and creamy texture.

Stored in a plastic container or a jar and chilled,
Ganache will keep for one month.
If your ganache becomes hard,
Use it to make
Chocolate truffles rolled into cocoa powder,
Or ganache shaped into quenelles to be served with a side of candied orange peel.

- If your ganache does not take and separates,
put it in an electric mixer: the rotating speed will homogenize the mixture.

- Always cover a block of chocolate or an open bag
with plastic wrap to prevent moisture from penetrating.

- Never hesitate to mix different chocolate ‘vintages’ and strengths,
for instance a 55% with a 64%...

In my opinion, ganache is “the base of all bases”
for all things chocolate:
. chocolate truffles
. unforgettable hot cocoa,
. chocolate mousse or fondant,
. crèpe filling…

But connoisseurs savor it on its own -

10 min delicate

Flavor your ganache with liqueur, spice, etc…
but always add at the end.
For instance:
° ganache with rum or whiskey;
° ganache with cinnamon,
cardamon, or tonka bean,
and -
why not?
° some freshly ground black pepper,
° a drizzle of balsamic vinegar!

Equal parts of
heavy cream and
dark chocolate.