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The ginger plant originates in Asia. Its underground stem, or rhizome
– often called ginger ‘root’ – is the part used in cooking around the world.

Ginger boasts many health-enhancing properties.
It is also said to be effective as an aphrodisiac!
Who knows?...

The young ginger rhizome or “root” is juicy, with a mild and fragrant taste.
A wonderful way to flavor bedtime herbal tea!

Mature ginger root is more fibrous and nearly dry, with a more pungent flavor.
Perfect for an Indian dish!

Ginger flavors many a pastry, biscuit, cookie, cake or pie.

Ginger powder is used as a flavorful addition to gingerbread and other recipes.

In powdered form, ginger takes on a very different flavor from that of fresh ginger. Fresh ginger and ginger powder cannot be substituted for one another.