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This is a comprehensive list in alphabetical order of all the recipes
included in savor&flavor.

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pertain to that particular savor.

- a -
a tasty little mint sauce…
a roundabout tortilla… not just for kids !
affogato the way it’s done in Milan
avocado and cumin dip appetizer
avocado cream with milkphoto
- -
"parfait" chocolate and caramel dessert
- A -
A gourmet’s salad with raspberries and rosewater vinaigrette
A spice moussevideo
Almond-milk “ajo blanco”… as if in Seville
Almost a no-bake cheesecake!
An out-of-this world Mexican-style chicken
Asparagus, Flemish-style - A favorite of Carine’s
- b -
baked applesphoto
banana and coconut milk ice cream
blueberries simmered in honey, thyme and lemon
bolognese saucephoto
bread and tomato
- B -
Brunch unlike any other – Cinnamon-scrambled eggsvideo
- C -
Cafe Liegeois … Belgium’s famed iced coffee cream!video
Candied tomatoesillustration
Caramelized puff pastry
Caramelizing balsamic vinegar
Chocolate Chantilly Cream
Chocolate mousse – nice and easy, by Charlotte
Cinnamon infusion – a change from the ordinary!illustration
Clementine sauce over chicken breasts
Cream of cinnamon-carrot soup topped with whipped cream
Cream of spring onion soup… flavored with thyme
Cream of Tomato soup with grilled peppers marinated in garlicillustration
Crêpes: my son’s the chef!photo
Cumin straws
Cumin: such a flavorful spice!
- c -
candied lamb with cinnamon and apricot
caramel: basic methodvideo
carrot and cumin salad, served warm
carrot salad "à l'orange"
cauliflower and ginger cream, all white and sweetly spiced
ceviche of white fish with vanilla and pink grapefruit
chicken breasts marinated in cumin and lime
chocolate cream with whipped cream and candied ginger: so smooth!
chocolate mousse, in an instant!video
chocolate tangerines and strawberries
cinnamon-candied apricots with whipped cream
cod steak with lime, pan-seared
cream of butternut squash and sweet potatoes with coconut milk
cream of vanilla mascarpone and orange salad
cream of zucchini with thyme and pear
creamed carrot and orange soup, hot or chilled
cumin and date “150” cakephoto
curried chicken fricassée with coco-rum ice creamphoto
- d -
duck foie gras: raw, sautéed, with cocoa
- e -
egg surprise: caviar or truffle?
eggplant fritters with honey, Andalusian styleillustration
- E -
Eggplant caviar
Evie’s chicken soup with frothy egg sauce
- f -
fennel, pear and orange saladillustration
- F -
Figs, pan-roasted in vanilla-infused syrup
- g -
ganache in a cup and speculass cookieillustration
ganache: the base of all bases for all things chocolate!video
ginger vinaigrette: give it a try!
ginger: storage and uses
glazed vegetables… an update on a great classic of French cooking…
- G -
Garlic’s tried and true tricks of the tradeillustration
Greek-style yogurt with fresh fruit
Green beans pan-fried with lemon zestvideo
Gremolata, but not just for osso bucco!
Grilled peppers marinated in garlicillustration
- h -
habiba’s very own mint tea
helen’s orange cake
homemade yogurt
hot lemon and honey
how to preserve fresh mint and fresh herbs
hummus like no other
- H -
Home-made syrup and preserved ginger
Homemade preserved lemonsillustration
How to caramelize vegetables or fruit
- i -
iced cappuccino
iced or hot? ginger and lemongrasss drink
iced rose and jasmine syrup
instant mousseline sauce
- I -
Iced rose-infused blackberry syrup
It's always tomato season!
- J -
John Dory filet in a spice crust, with tomato preserve and zucchini “lasagna”
- j -
john dory fillets quickly marinated in lime and rose water
- L -
Lebanese-style chicken
Leg of rabbit caramelized with orangeillustration
Lemon-ginger infusion… for cold-weather comfort
- l -
lamb ragout with green beans and tomato
lamb shoulder in a lemon and herb crust
lamb shoulder slowly caramelized with onions
lamb stew with caramelized pears and thyme infusion
langoustines or scampi in vanilla-flavored oil, extraordinary! served raw.
le gratin dauphinoisillustration
lemon zest
lightly sautéed scallops with bitter cocoa, on a bed of orange-candied endives
- m -
mango and red onion saladillustration
mango milk, as it is done in the Philippinesphoto
meatloaf with cinnamon
mini bananas caramelized in limeillustration
mint and cucumber labneh
mint lamb simmered overnight
mint salad with olive oil to serve with strawberries
mint: snipping it is a cinch!video
mixed citrus salad with vanilla-flavored olive oil
mozzarella in lemon-flavored oilphoto
my basic vinaigrette
my friend Stéphane’s moist and airy spice cake
myriam's chocolaty-fudgy cakephoto
- M -
Mint iced tea, A twist on the classic drink at “Bread and Roses”!
Mint Lemon Juice: Granita style
Mint Pesto
Mixed melon and tomato dice with caramelized speck
Molten chocolate lava cake – scrumptiously simple
My summer lemon drink
- n -
nibbles for the apéritif !
- o -
off with the skin!video
olive oil flavored with cumin seeds
olive oil with zest!illustration
onion relish for starters, anyone?
oven-baked fillet of sole with thinly sliced orange
- O -
Orange caramel, For the lazy… or the wary!
Orange salad, quite simply!
Orange-caramelized Belgian endives
Osso bucco… to make an Italian “mama” proud!photo
- p -
pan-roasted guinea hen with pears and ginger
pasta with garlic yogurt sauce
pasta, Sicilian style
pear ‘flognarde’photo
pearl onion and pear relish
pears poached in orange juice
pink beet and yogurt cream
pork tenderloin marinated in orange and caramelized with honey
- P -
Pasta with garlicvideo
Perfectly Parfait
Pineapple Mint Juiceillustration
Pineapple, pan-roasted in vanilla caramel
Pink Grapefruit Granita with Champagneillustration
Porcini mushrooms, simply pan-fried...
Porcini mushrooms, simply pan-fried...illustration
Potatoes served warm with a yogurt and cumin sauce
Pumpkin Vanilla and Olive Oil Velouté Soup
- R -
Rabbit fricassee with lemon and thyme
Rabbit stew with rosemary and candied lemon zests
Raw fish topped with fried garlicillustration
Red mullet fillets, roasted with thymeillustration
Red tomato salad, panzanella or fattoush?!
Rice pudding: my heart remembers…photo
Risotto with lemon-lime zest and asparagus tips
Roast chicken, stewed garlic and garlic sauceillustration
Roast veal with caramelized pineapple and ginger
Roasted apricots with thyme and honey
Roasted potatoes with thyme
- r -
red mullet fillets, marinated in mixed citrus juice
rose mascarpone cream, with fresh pistachios, raspberries and snipped basil
- s -
salad of duck confit "à l’orange"
salted butter caramelvideo
sautéed jumbo shrimp
sautéed spring vegetablesillustration
sautéed vegetables with ginger
sea scallops: fresh from the shell, with lime and diced green apples, the easy way
simple and sweet: French Toast
slow-roasted chicken with lemon and thyme
slowly roasted rump of veal with milkphoto
squab chicken and lemon, pan-roasted
steamed lamb shanks
sweet mango and pink grapefruit salad
- S -
Salmorejo, a chilled Andalusian soup
Salted caramel popcorn
Saltimbocca … With a twist!
Sautéed zucchini… deliciously simple!photo
Scrambled eggs with prosciutto, tomatoes and basilillustration
Semolina cake infused with orange syrup
Shallots stewed low and slow in vanilla
Strawberry soup
- t -
tabouleh from Lebanon
the sabayon
thin bar of bitter chocolate with fleur de sel and balsamic vinegar
thyme-infused oil
tocino del cielo, or Andalusian style caramel cream!
tomato and strawberry beverage, with a note of basil
tomato hummus
tomato sauce made with oven-roasted tomatoes
tomato “express” sauce
tournedos of tuna Rossini
- T -
Tarte fine aux pommes, or the ultimate thin-crusted apple tartvideo
Thyme-flavored goat cheese
Tuiles – Ghislain’s extraordinary orange lace cookies
Tuna one way, two ways, …illustration
Tuna steak with orange-caramelized raisins and nuts
- v -
vanilla ice-cream topped with crumbled toasted spice bread
vanilla-roasted turbot
versatile vanilla
- V -
Vegetables sautéed with candied lemons
Vinaigrette of vanilla, olive oil and orange juice over an orange saladvideo
- w -
white button mushrooms, marinated in lemon
white coffee
- W -
Wild salmon in a last-minute marinade
- Y -
Yet another cream of beet soup, but hot, this time!
Yogurt sauce for green asparagus
- y -
yogurt cakeillustration
yogurt dressing
yogurt milk shake
- z -
zahtar, the fragrance of Lebanon
zucchini salad with cumin and fresh coriander, served warm

Light, and
Simply delicious!

A “little something”
So simple, yet so delicious…

Thanks to our friend Evie, once again!

Smooth yogurt,
Bitter eggplant,
Fruity olive oil
Piquant garlic,
Many delights are in store for the apéritif!

2 minutes,
2 oranges,
1 vanilla bean,
Some olive oil.
There you have it: a dessert.

Such a simple and
Easy delight
For all…
Children, even!

Pumpkin, Butternut squash,
Any squash...
In a vanilla velouté -