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Here is a non-exhaustive list of the various “Essential Tools in My Kitchen.” It is a sample of my favorite - and essential – utensils.
The links provided are for your information.

Slicers, peelers, and graters

  • Basic essential peelers:
  • Skip the blanching with:
  • Can’t do without:
  • For lasagna-like slices of carrots or zucchini:
  • Fancy!
  • Indispensable for spices, nutmeg, tonka beans, and the like:
  • An extra to have on hand:
  • Basic essential knives:
  • Also:
  • “If I only had one” I’d choose:
  • A plus:
  • Bowls of all sorts, Strainers of all shapes, and other Chinois…
    Pots, pans, casseroles, kettles and other cookware…
    Baking pans and molds, pie dishes and other bakeware…
    Great little utensils that make life easier…
    “Heavy duty” specialty cookware to look like a pro!...